Ohio Approves AB Online Course for Continuing Education Hours Towards Blasting License

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has officially approved blasters to receive training from AcademyBlasting.com through online classes - at this writing, this is the only online course that has been approved by the state of Ohio to count towards the continuing education hours required for training towards the state blaster's license. The course which has been approved for up to four hours of training is the Basics of Blasting course which can be found at:

Basics of Blasting Course

Blaster Training Program

Academy Blasting has developed this training program to be a great step for both new and veteran blasters that are looking to maintain their license requirements while being at home or from the office. This blasting training counts towards the non-employee portion of the training and can be taken and completed for less than the cost of a hotel room to attend an in-person training. The major topics of this course include

  • Introduction To Blasting for Surface Projects
  • Rock Breakage Mechanisms from Explosive Loading
  • Initiation Systems including Detonating Cord, Electric Caps, Nonelectric Caps, and Electronic Caps
  • Economic Priming considerations including Cast Boosters and alternative blast priming techniques
  • Commercial Explosives including ANFO, Emulsion, and Presplit Powders
  • Drilling Equipment including Top Hammer, Down The Hole Hammer, and Rotary Drilling
  • Explosive and Blasting Safety

The course is organized into multiple, short video modules with knowledge checks after each lesson and includes four hours of video content. Students must watch all the videos and pass each knowledge check correctly answering 80% of the questions to move ahead. At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate that shows completion and can be immediately sent to Ohio Blaster's Training Regulatory Group to receive four (4) hours of training towards the Blaster's License.

"This is the biggest thing in Ohio Blasting in the last decade"

Academy Blasting CEO, Dr. Anthony Konya, has released a statement about the approval of hours towards the Ohio License:

"The acceptance of the Basics of Blasting course by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to count towards the continuing education requirements towards the blaster's license renewal is a great credit to the future looking nature that the Ohio regulators, led by Mike Mann, have towards the industry. Frankly, This is the biggest thing in Ohio Blasting in the last decade. Perhaps as far back as the regulatory reforms that led Ohio to being a state that relied on advanced science and engineering principles from the mid 2000s - which was also led by Mike Mann. This approval also give credit to our team at AcademyBlasting.com to put together and offer an incredible program to train blasters. This program will not only dramatically lower the cost of training to blasters, but will also allow modern information to get into their hands which cannot easily be found from other sources. The great men and women of the Ohio blasting community have long-served the state to provide valuable resources and minerals and to ensure public transportation is proper working - and this approval for training is a big win for them.

Are you looking to get Blasting Training in Ohio?

If you are looking for excellent training which is affordable, easy to complete, and can be from your home, your office, or on the back of a bench while your waiting on the driller, look no further. The Basics of Blasting Course is now approved for Ohio blasting training and will count towards your required licensing hours. You can find the course by clicking on the link below:

Take me to the Basics of Blasting Course (Click Here)